The tragedy of Hamlet 哈姆雷特–王子復仇記



Place Kronborg hall  

Time Claudius and Gertrude’s wedding


Narrator: Long time ago, in Denmark a terrible event happened. Their great king Hamlet suddenly died and his widow, Gertrude, mourned for not even two months before marrying the king’s younger brother, Claudius. The entire country was shocked, because Claudius was a very evil man.


Polonius: OK! Everybody~ Let’s congratulate our new king—Claudius. Congratulation on the king and the queen’s happy marriage!

All: Congratulations!

Claudius: hahaha~~ what a wonderful day! To celebrate this grateful day, make yourselves at home!

        Let’s dance~hahahahahahahahahahaha~~~

(Turn on the music, and start to dance)

Gertrude: Oh my dear son, Hamlet, why don’t you congratulate your father?

Hamlet: Hun! He’s not my father.

Gertrude: Hey! Why were you so rude to your father?

Hamlet:  I said that, he’s not my father. My dear father just died two months ago. How can you two get married? I wonder that it must has a conspiracy!

Gertrude: (surprised) Hamlet…you…..why did you say that?

Hamlet:  Hun!

Gertrude: Oh my goodness!

Claudius: Oh my dear Gertrude! Don’t care about what he said! He just feels very sad with his father’s death! Let’s go for a walk with me! (talk to people) Okay, it’s very late now. Thank you for joining our wedding! You Guys can go home now!

(All of them leave)

Hamlet: Oh~ What a terrible day! Is she still my mother? I can’t believe that she has betrayed my father!  The weak, thy name shall be women.

Astrid: Hello, Prince Hamlet!

Hamlet: Oh! Astrid! What are you doing here?

Astrid: Nothing~ hey! What are you thinking about? You look so sad!

Hamlet: well….(describe the event)

Astrid: Oh, I see. I’m sorry to hear that. But I think…..what’s that???(They hear a strange voice )

Hamlet: (excited)Oh, King Father! My father! I have missed you! This is your son Hamlet!

Ghost: Hamlet…Hamlet…

Hamlet: Father! Why have you appeared in the late night moonlight wearing your armor? Is there something that you want to tell me?

Ghost: Come here….Hamlet….come here….

Astrid: He wants you to go with him! Hey! Prince, don’t go! Maybe it is an evil ghost who wants to kill you!

Hamlet: My father could not hurt me. I’m not scared. I shall go with him!

Ghost: Oh my dear son! I’m the ghost of your father. If you respect me, then you must kill the demon who plotted against me!

Hamlet: What?

Ghost: Everyone thinks that I died from a poisonous snake bite while sleeping in the garden. This false news was a crafty plot to deceive the nation. The real snake currently wears the king’s crown upon his head!

Hamlet: Ah, just as expected, my suspicions have turned out to be real. It is your younger brother Claudius that has plotted against you!

Ghost: I would never have thought that your mother would have turned back on our love, and married the murderer of her own husband. My life, my kingdom, and my wife have all been stolen by my heartless younger brother.

Hamlet: This is so terrible!

Ghost: My son, you must take revenge for me!

Hamlet: I shall!

Ghost: But don’t hurt your mother. Let heaven judge her. And let her conscience be responsible. Goodbye, remember all that I have said!

Hamlet: I shall! I shall take revenge for you!

(The ghost leaves)

Astrid: Prince, are you okay?

Hamlet: I’m fine. It was a spirit of my father. Oh dear Astrid, you must help me. You must promise not to tell anyone about what has happening tonight. This must remain a secret.

Astrid: Ok! I guarantee with our integrity that I shall not tell anyone.




Place Kronborg garden  

Time XXX


Narrator: After Prince Hamlet met his father, in order to conceal that he had learned the real truth, he started to pretend to have gone crazy. So Claudius’ vigilance towards him would not arise. But this lets the queen feel sorrowful.

Hamlet: La La La La La La La ~~~~~~~~~(being crazy)

Gertrude: Oh! Hamlet! Why have you been so crazy? I am so worried about you!

Hamlet: La La La La La La La La ~~~~~~~~~`

Claudius: That’s all right, he’ll be fine soon. I guess that his unpredictable moods were the result of love. He must be crazy about Ophelia.

Gertrude: I think so. So I hope poor Hamlet can recover soon.

Claudius: Let’s go to meet Ophelia’s father Polonius. It is time to discuss Hamlet and Ophelia’s wedding.

Gertrude: But I still ……

Claudius: Don’t worry about Hamlet. Let’s go.

(They leave, Ophelia comes to the stage)

Ophelia: oh…Everybody said the Prince had gone crazy. What happened to my dear Hamlet? I miss him so much! What can I do for him?

(Hamlet comes to the stage)

Hamlet: Ophelia…Ophelia…Ophelia…Ophelia….

Ophelia: Oh~ Dear prince, what’s up?(Support Hamlet with her hand)

Hamlet: Ophelia…Ophelia…Ophelia…Ophelia….(Give her a letter quietly and embrace her sadly)

Ophelia: (scared) What’s up with you? What’s this? Hey! Hamlet, Hamlet! Where are you going?

Hamlet: Ophelia…Ophelia…Ophelia…Ophelia….(leave)

Ophelia: What’s this? “You can doubt that the stars are balls of fire, you can doubt that the sun moves, you can doubt that truths are merely lies, but you can not doubt my love.” Oh! My poor prince Hamlet, you have certainly been hit hard by everything.

Laertes: Ophelia! Ophelia! Dear sister, where are you?

Ophelia: Here I am, brother!

Laertes: Hey! I saw Prince Hamlet just now. You mist not talk with him again! You must be especially vigilant. Prince Hamlet is an enemy of our family!

Ophelia: Brother, how could you speak like this? The Prince is a good man!

(Polonius comes to the stage)

Polonius: Poor daughter, your brother was right. You must be careful. Although he carries the mask of a gentle and kind man, on the inside exists the venom of a demonic villain. Be careful not to be cheated.

Ophelia: But…

Polonius: You don’t have to say anything for him. When Prince Hamlet comes for you in the future, don’t meet him! Understand? This is an order.

(Astrid comes to the stage)

Astrid: Counselor Polonius, the king wants you and your family to go to the hall now.

Polonius: Okay, let’s go.





Place Kronborg hall  

Time XXX


Narrator: In the castle hall, the king, the queen and the Polonius family are talking about Prince Hamlet and Ophelia’s wedding.

Claudius: Polonius, I want your daughter, Ophelia to be my daughter!

Polonius: What? You mean…

Gertrude: He means that he wants Ophelia to marry prince Hamlet.

Polonius: But…

Hamlet: hey! You all are here! Dear queen mother and king father, I am really sorry about my behavior, but I’m fine now. I want you to watch a very great play. This is the best play I’ve ever watched! Hey! Come on!

Gertrude: Hamlet, come sit next to me!

Hamlet: No queen, here is a beautiful woman. (Come to sit next to Ophelia)

Actor king: We have been already married for thirty years, but soon I shall leave you to remain alone in this splendor. Maybe you shall soon remarry.

Actress queen: I am not the unfaithful type of person. I shall not remarry.

Actor king: I am afraid that upon my death you shall change.

Actress queen: If I, after my husband’s death, remarry, then I wish to be locked in jail – to spend the rest of my life in self-reflection.

Actor king: It is special that you make such a pledge. Go first! I want to take a brief nap and rest a bit.

(Actress queen leaves, later actress maid comes to the stage and took a bottle of poison and poured

  it into the king’s ear)

All: Oh~~~

Claudius: (yell) Stop the play! Stop the play! Quickly stop! (Leave angrily)

Polonius: King, king! (Follow him and leave)

Ophelia: Goodbye queen and prince Hamlet~ (She and her brother leave)

 (Hamlet stands up and talked to Astrid)

Gertrude: Why do you want to aggravate your father? (Says angrily)

Hamlet: What I have done was eased on fact, and furthermore, he’s not my father. And Mother, you have betrayed my father!

Gertrude: This type of response is completely outrageous!

Hamlet: However, what you ask is how I will answer.

Gertrude: Have you forgotten whom you are speaking to?

Hamlet: Ah, I am only too eager to forget who you are. You are the queen! You are the wife of your husband’s younger brother. You are also my mother, but I wish you weren’t!

Gertrude: Good! Since you are so impolite to me, I shall find a person with enough qualifications to talk with you! (The queen wants to find the King, but Hamlet doesn’t let her leave.)

Hamlet: Don’t go! Come over here and sit down. I would like to place a mirror in front of your face and let you see your own soul!

Gertrude: (scared and yell) Help me! Help me! Help me!

Polonius: Help! Save the queen!

Hamlet: Who’s there? (Stabbing into the source of the sound)

Polonius: Uh……….

Hamlet: (open the curtain) Ah, my goodness!

Gertrude: (screams) Lord! Look what reckless and violent thing you have done!

Hamlet: You’re right. Mother, this was an act of ruthlessness, but yet it doesn’t compare to your horrid deed! You killed my father and married his younger brother. (Pick up to portraits) Look at my noble father, the King! After he had been dead for only short time, you married his younger   brother, his murderer!

Gertrude: Ah! Hamlet, stop your mouth! What I have done has already disturbed my heart.

Hamlet: Open your eyes! Look at your husband! He is treacherous and wicked!

Gertrude: Don’t say it! I don’t want to hear it!

Hamlet: Please repent to God and admit that it was a mistake to become the wife of King Claudius.

Gertrude: Ok! I will, I will. (Run and leave)

Hamlet: Oh! I killed Ophelia’s father! Lord, why have you done this to me? (Sad)

(Later, Claudius comes to the stage)

Claudius: Oh! Hamlet, I heard you have killed Polonius! That was so terrible!

Hamlet: ……

Claudius: Hamlet, the thing that you have done here has placed me in a torturous and uncomfortable position. I think that to protect your own life from the revenge of Polonius’ son, you should immediately leave Denmark for England. 

Hamlet: Go to England?

Claudius: Yes, the boat has already been prepared, and I will order your friend, Elliot to go with you.

Hamlet: Okay. I’m just really sorry to kill Polonius. (Leave)

Claudius: Hun, As soon as you leave the castle, Elliot will kill you! And I shall have safety! Ha Ha Ha ~~(Leave)



Place Out of the castle  

Time XXX


(They walk)

Hamlet: Hey, Where’s the boat? We’ve been walking for a long time!

Elliot: Hey, prince Hamlet! You are going to die! (Stab to him)

Hamlet: Oh! What are you doing? You want to kill me!

Elliot: No, I don’t want to kill you, but the king wants! (Attack him)

Hamlet: You are crazy!

(Fight, and Fortinbras and his retinues come to the stage)

Fortunbras: Hey! I see an evil man want to kill a person! Let’s resist him!

Elliot: (injured) Oh! You guys are so meddlesome! Hun! (Leave)

Hamlet: Thank for your help. I’m Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, and you are……?

Fortunbras: You are prince Hamlet! I am Fortunbras, prince of Norway. Why did that man want to kill you?

Hamlet: Ah…It is so hard to tell everything to you, and I just can tell you that there were happened a terrible thing happened in my country. The new king killed my father and now he wants to kill me. Now I have to come back immediately.

Fortunbras: Okay. Let us escort you to come back. (Leave together)




Place Kronborg garden  

Time XXX


Narrator: After Ophelia’s father was killed by Hamlet, she experienced great change and nearly had gone crazy.

Ophelia: Oh~ Why is the world full of villainous trickery? Oh~Oh~

Gertrude: Oh! Ophelia, Ophelia! What’s up to you? 

Ophelia: He is dead! Madam! He is dead. Atop his head stands grass while he stands upon rocks……

Gertrude: Oh my god! King, look at her.!

Claudius: I think that the shock is too much.

Ophelia: I hope that everything can move along peacefully and smoothly. But the thought of them burying my father’s body into the cold ground, will make me cry uncontrollably. I will tell my brother about this!

Ophelia: Oh! Thank you, come! Call my carriage to come and take me to my father’s resting place.

Gertrude: Oh! She looks so bad! I hope she will be fine soon.

Claudius: I hope so. Ok. Don’t disturb her, let’s go.

(Ophelia falls down and hits the stone)

Ophelia: Ah~~~~~~~~~~

Gertrude: What happened? Oh! Ophelia, Ophelia!

Ophelia: Ah……… (Died)

Gertrude: Oh my god! How terrible! She died! (Cry)

Claudius: Ai……

(A maid comes to the stage)

Maid: King, Polonius’ son, Laertes, has rebelled and attack the palace.

(Laertes comes to the stage)

Laertes: You diabolical villain, give my father back!

Gertrude: You must calm down. You cannot be so impolite to the king.

Laertes: I don’t care how it ends, I just want revenge for my father!

Claudius: You have yelled at me so crudely. Is it possible that you have made both your enemies and friends the object of your revenge?

Laertes: I only want revenge against the killer of my father. Towards my friends, I would like to embrace them with open arms.

Claudius: You are really a dutiful son. But your enemy, Hamlet isn’t here!

Laertes: Hun, if I see him, I will kill him! (See Ophelia) Oh! My sister! Ophelia! She died! Oh my god! (Cry) It was all the prince’s fault! I certainly shall find that person and make him pay for his crimes. (Leave)

Gertrude: Oh! I am so sad. (Leave)

Claudius: Hun~ It is time to make use of him. Ha Ha~(Leave)




Place Out of the castle 

Time Ophelia’s funeral


All: (cry)

Laertes: Dear sister. I wish you can rest in peace.

Gertrude: My dear Ophelia, I originally wanted you to become the wife of Hamlet. I was hoping to spread these flowers upon your new bed. Who would have thought that today I would be placing them in your grave.

(Hamlet and Fortunbras come)

Hamlet: Hey! Who are they burying? Oh! Ophelia! They are burying Ophlia!

(The clerics were to beginning to fill the grave)

Hamlet: (rush forward) Ophelia! Who has a heart large enough to contain such deep sorrow? For whose deep sorrow changes the countenance of angels? It should be me……

Laertes: (grab Hamlet and yell)It was your doing; your soul was stolen away!

Hamlet: Let go of me! You don’t want to provoke me!

Claudius: Pull them apart!

Gertrude: You two! Calm down, please! I know you love Ophelia, and we love her, too. I hope you can become reconciled!

Hamlet: I am so sorry about my behavior. It is because of my deep love for Ophelia, I couldn’t bear the sorrow of her death!

Laertes: ……

Hamlet: Please, forgive me!

Laertes: Ok, but I want you to duel with me, if you win, then I forgive you. But if I win, I will kill you and take revenge for my father and sister.

Hamlet: Ok. I promise you.

Claudius: So since you decided to duel, let’s start in ten minutes, and you can prepare something that you need. Everybody let’s take a rest. 

(Claudius and Laertes to the left stage)

Claudius: Here, take this edged sword. It is poisonous. Use it and you can kill Hamlet.

Laertes: Okay, I will.

Claudius: And I will drop poison into his wineglass. He must die even he win!

Laertes: Hun~

Claudius: Ok. Let’s start this duel.

(Music on and everyone come to see the duel)

Hamlet: Good luck!

Laertes: Hun~ You, too.

(Render a salute)

Claudius: OK. Ready~ Go!

(Dueling, and Claudius drops poison into Hamlet’s wineglass)

Gertrude: Hamlet, please take my towel to dry the sweat from your forehead! I shall drink to your victory! (drink it)

Claudius: Ah~ Ah~ (Surprise)

Laertes: Ha! Take my sword! (Stab Hamlet)

Hamlet: (Angry and knock away Laertes’ sword and pick up the sword) Oh! What a terrible plot! I just use my fencing sword, but you use a edged one! (Hand his sword to Laertes and use his sword to stab him)

Laertes: Oh~(fall down)

Gertrude: Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Everyone look at the queen)

Gertrude: Hamlet, that cup of wine…that cup has poison…(Die)

Hamlet: (Angry) A villainous conspiracy! I shall find out who did this!

Laertes: (sit upon the floor, point to the king and spit out) The murderer is there! Hamlet, you are certain to die. An incurable poison has been applied to the sword within your hand, and it was all the king’s evil deeds. Please… Please forgive me…(Die)

Hamlet: Ah, Poison! The manifestation of your power! (Stab the king fiercely)

Claudius: Ah~~~~~~~~(Fall down and die)

Hamlet: (fall down the floor) Ha…Ha…Ha…(Harder breathing)

Astrid: Oh! Prince, I want to drink the glass and travel with you to heaven.

Hamlet: No, Astrid, if you are my friend, you shall continue living. If after my death no one understands what has happened, then my name shall be spoiled. Remain here and tell the world of this tragedy. (Close his eyes)

Astrid: Prince Hamlet! Prince!

Hamlet: (Open his eyes) My kingdom, Denmark, shall be passed to the prince of Norway. (Die)

Astrid: (Embrace Hamlet and cry) Dear Prince Hamlet~

Fortunbras: It’s hard to imagine that Prince Hamlet thought so highly of me. Your highness Hamlet, you were a good-natured prince of the people. Nevertheless, you have experienced the misfortune of murder by a villain. If you had continued to live, there is no doubt that you would have become the most highly respected leader.

(Music on and the end)